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Tannisol 100g


Potassium metabisulphite 95%, L-ascorbic acid 3%, tannin 2% in tablet form.

TANNISOL sulphur tablets prevent and remediate casse, ropiness and other wine faults; it preserves wine from oxidative effects and assists in fining wines.


TANNISOL remediates wine affected by oxidative casse, restoring the original brightness of the wine.

Ideal for weak wines with low acidity and alcoholic strength. Also effective in preserving wine contained in partly filled bottles or when racking.

Contains Potassium Metabisulphite (95%), L-ascorbic acid (3%), and tannin (2%).
1 tablet per 100 litres of red wines.
2 tablets per 100 litres for unfiltered red wines and white wines in general.
1 tablet per 100 litres for preventative purposes.
2 tablets per 100 litres for repressive-curative purposes.
Instructions for use:
Add the tablet intact for a gradual effect, otherwise brake into smaller pieces or crush for a faster effect.