About Us

Northeast Winemaking

Northeast Winemaking is a customer driven division of Northeast Produce that has grown to being year round.  Now it has its own dedicated retail store, warehouse and wine expert to serve your needs better. We stock all of your winemaking necessities whether you're a beginner or seasoned wine maker!   

Started in 1975 with $50.00, is how this now multi-million dollar sales producing company began. After a number of semi-successful business ventures, fraught with fire, family politics, and bad partnerships, my father had finally found the business that would become the mainstay for our family.
As a poor Italian immigrant, language was only one of the barriers he had to face. However, his drive and ambition coupled with the opportunities of America made it seem almost impossible not to succeed. Yet, his fire and excitement often got him into trouble. So my mother interceded where she saw fit. The Northeast-Produce-Truck business would not have succeeded without her; neither could have done it without the other.

After two years of selling produce out of a van, on the side of the road and eventually to restaurants, they purchased a home. It was commercially zoned with a three bay garage, which became the base of operation for the business, then called “Plainville Produce”. The business grew as my father started specializing in tomatoes and repacking. He moved the business to the CT Regional Market and renamed it Beauty Brand Tomatoes Inc. During this time his customers ranged from small restaurants to chain stores. One of his greatest Selling-Produce innovations and boost to the company was the “fancy pack” or “4 pak” tomato package. Soon after, he was able to lease a corner space in the market that afforded more room.

In 1980, the business began to focus on tomato repackaging, and a new corporation named Northeast Produce started. Around this same time he began to deal in wine grapes, often seen haggling with customers over price and quality, but that built the foundation for what we have grown into. Now, over 30 years later things some things may have changed, but the reputation and integrity he established are still present.

Today we are pleased to say that our dedication to personal, hands on service and customer satisfaction are a driving force. These beliefs have lead us to work with some of the best and most honest suppliers in the industry; F. Colavita and Son, Santa Clara, Top Brass and L’uva Bella. They all stand behind and believe in their products. Over the years we have established exceptional relationships with each of these companies and are confident in the quality of their products.

At Northeast Produce, we are steadfast in our commitment to source and provide the finest quality wine grapes and juices on the market from sources with a high degree of integrity. We have worked hard to cultivate our relationships with them so that we know that the grapes in the box match the label on the outside. It must be remembered that we are working with fresh fruit and it does not have an indefinite shelf life, so to make the highest quality wines get your grapes early and start fermenting.

We welcome you to join us in the exciting exploration of our company’s unlimited potential in the years ahead.