Lake County Grapes

Lake County Grapes

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The Lake County Cabernet is coming back. 

We had an overwhelming success with the grapes last year, and we are thrilled to announce we're bringing them back! The volume is limited, and due to the nature of the contracts, if we need to increase size there may be a small price increase - buy now to lock in these prices. 

We sold out completely last year with demand for more. Do not wait!

When we have a receiving date we will reach out to those who have pre-ordered. These are premium grapes, so we want you to be able to obtain them as soon as possible. Please plan to pick up within five days of receiving for optimal freshness. They will be perfect for you within that time frame. We cannot guarantee beyond that time. 

We're selling in 1/4 ton sections for $1,450.00. This will make approximately 30 gallons of wine. For those looking for less volume we will have 18lb boxes. Yes, these are half the size of regular boxes of grapes here, please be sure to calculate accordingly.

Call Rich if you have any questions about this offering. 860-540-4800


Merlot and Cab Franc will also be available this year. Very limited. Please Contact if interested!

Fine print:

By purchasing this product you are agreeing to pick it up promptly upon arrival; no shipping can be arranged unless you call and discuss with us. We cannot accommodate special timing - the grapes will be ready when they are ready - we will notify those who have pre-ordered as soon as we have a harvest date, between shipping and advance notice that's about a week before they arrive.