Intermediate Wine Making Class

Intermediate Wine Making Class

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Intermediate Home Winemaking

This is intended for someone who has made at least a couple batches of wine. If you have made wine before, you are welcome! 

The intention of this class is to address some advanced ideas in winemaking, and look to solve issues or struggles. The class will cover reasons for employing more advanced techniques, diagnostic skills, and will include a Q/A session. 

All who enroll are encouraged to write questions to us in email prior to class - your questions will be addressed (anonymously) for everyone. There will be time for your questions as they come, too. 

Samples of homemade wine will be available for tasting as well - some with common faults so we may discuss.  

Sign up to attend.  Class is held at our Plainville location: 10 Robert Jackson Way, Plainville, CT 06062