DIAM 2 Corks

DIAM 2 Corks

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For use with the Italian floor corker or Portuguese floor corker.

DIAM 2 Wine Bottle Corks
#9 x 1-3/4” (23mm x 44mm)
Premium Winery Grade – Natural Cork 

DIAM II (also known as “Reference”) winery grade French premium wine corks.

The DIAM II cork is one of the most advanced wine corks available. It provides all of the benefits of natural cork and the TCA-free qualities of synthetic cork.

DIAM II is a whole, natural cork stopper designed to meet the needs of super-premium wines, or extended aging time.

Whole, natural corks are the most environmentally-friendly stoppers, and produce the top-quality seal needed to preserve fine wines.

We recommend DIAM II corks for super-premium wines, wines that will be aged more than two years, or wherever the classic style of a whole, natural cork is desired.

The DIAM II cork is named after the DIAMANT process which eradicates trichloroanisole from the cork material.


100% natural cork 
The most common cork size in the world! #9 x 1-3/4” (23mm x 44mm)
A tougher, less compressing cork – for a tighter, longer-lasting seal
Fit pretty much ANY wine bottle including 375ml, 500ml, 750ml, and 1.5 liter
Fit clear and colored wine bottles, punted or flat bottom
Manufactured in France