Winexpert Wine Kits

Winexpert Wine Kits are available in your the choice of 5-week, 7-week and 8-week wine kits.

The 5-week wines (World Vineyard Series) are made from the finest blend of grape juice and concentrate. They are usually ready to drink in a few weeks after bottling.

The 7-week wines (Selection Series) are made from premium quality grape juice blends. They are fuller bodied and require a longer aging time (at least 2 to 3 months).

The 8-week wine kits (Eclipse Series), with 100% varietal grape juice from country-specific vineyards, and fresh skin packs for the red wines, are true examples of the varietal.  Like the 7-week wine, they will require a longer aging time (at least 6 months).


Please call us at (860) 793-2700 to order these kits.

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