Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate

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Used to lower acidity in very high acid musts when acidity is to be lowered by greater than 2 grams/liter but will effect wine flavor (for smaller adjustments use Potassium Carbonate).  Does not require cold stabilization.  Best to add to must or juice before fermentation.  Calcium carbonate will take time to precipitate out acidity targeting the tartaric acid first.  Will raise pH less than potassium bicarbonate.    

2.5 grams/gallon  will lower acidity by ~ 1.0 g/liter.  Normal acidity levels for must/juice and wine are as follows.

                                       Must/Juice g/L           Finished Wine g/L

Dry White                            7.0-9.0                           5.0-7.5 

Dry Red                               6.0-8.0                           4.0-5.5

Sweet White/Red                 7.5-9.0                           5.5-7.5

An acid test kit can be used to determine acidity of your must or wine.