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South Shore Brew Club 2018 Brewoff Home Brew Competition

The South Shore Brew Club is announcing the annual South Shore Brewoff  is coming in April!

This event is a homebrew competition. Anyone can enter it, but Judges and Stewards must sign up on the website in order to attend. We will be judging homebrews from all over New England. Feedback will be provided to all brewers after the competition and we will award prizes for the best entries in each category.
Entry submission starts at noon on 1 January, 2018 and ends at 1200 PM on 24 March, 2018.  To enter, surf to  and click on the Brewoff link. There you will find all of the details surrounding the competition.
For the 2015 BJCP style guidelines, surf to  There you will find a listing of all of the accepted style categories.
Good luck!
Enter early, enter often!
Drop off Locations:

Adega Beer & Wine
Blackstone Valley Brewing Supplies
Boston Homebrew Supply
Brickyard Wine & Spirits
Craft Brew Supplies
Homebrew Emporium
Indiependent Fermentations
Modern Homebrew Emporium
South Shore Homebrew Emporium
Strange Brew
The Witches Brew
West Boylston Homebrew Emporium
Westchester Homebrew Emporium
Zok’s Homebrew And Winemaking Supply

Facebook link to the event: South Shore Brewoff 2018!

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