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Fall Harvest Information

The biggest take away from this year’s trip to California is that there is no longer a normal.  What was once expected or anticipated no longer applies.  The very long heat wave of the summer has passed and the temperatures are below normal, this has slowed the sugar development in the grapes and delayed the harvest by about two weeks. This is good news, in that the flavor of the grapes is going to be over the top!  The cooler days and even cooler nights, while slowing the increase in sugar it is allowing for extra hang time for the taste, this year’s wines will be the most complex and interesting in years. 


We have selected some great grapes again this year and are sure that you won’t be disappointed.  We are excited for the season to get started.  Stop by our showroom in Plainville and take a stroll through the cooler and see the best grapes in the area.  We will once again increase our quantity of Black Muscat to keep up with the ever-growing demand for this candy like grape.

 Black Muscot Grapes

The juices have begun to arrive and the first load of grapes will be here soon.  We anticipate having all varieties of grapes available in mid-September.   Call ahead to check availability and to place your order.


Contact Patrick at 860-793-2700 or email for pricing and ordering details.


We have moved to a new location for the Fall season in the Boston area. 

152 Beecham Street
Everett, MA 02149
(860)205-7768 or (860)882-3165 or (860)793-2700
Opening day: Friday, September 7st.
New Hours:
Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 7am-3pm, Sunday 7am-2pm
***Call to pre order and schedule pick up***

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