White Grapes

A noble grape variety. Chardonnay buds early, and the grape variety cannot be left late, or valuable acids will be lost. This grape is both a challenge to grow and ferment. It is recommended to soak Chardonnay grapes on the skins for 24 hours before pressing and fermenting. This grape is used for white burgundy wines, and is one of the three grapes used to make champagne. This grape makes a dry white wine with a crisp apple buttery flavor.

Chenin Blanc
This grape is high in acid and yields a fresh, fruity-sweet, well-balanced wine.

French Columbard
This grape yields a fresh, tangy white wine.

This grape, which has flavors of raisins and oranges, is often blended with other varieties to increase complexity and flavor. It is also used to make Asti Spumanti in Italy.

Pinot Grigio
The color of this grape can vary substantially, producing wines that range from white to slightly pink. It yields a rather lightweight wine, which is crisp and dry.

Sauvignon Blanc
This grape yields a dry, fresh white wine. This wine is meant to be drunk young.

Viognier (Garnacha)
This grape produces an intense, dry wine, with a flavour mingling apricot, apple, peach and violet with a hint of honey.


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