• Additives

    Ascorbic Acid (4 oz)
    B-Brite Cleanser (8 oz) (rinse)
    C-Brite Cleanser (1 lb) (no rinse)
    C-Brite Cleanser (0.8 oz) (no rinse)
    Calcium Carbonate
    Campden Tablets
    Citric Acid (3 oz)
    Fermax Yeast Nutrient (4 oz)
    Gelatin (2 oz)
    Lactose (1 lb)
    Malic Acid
    Oak Chips, American light toast (4 oz)
    Oak Chips, American dark toast (4 oz)
    Oak Powder, American medium toast (1 oz)
    Potassium Carbonate
    Potassium Metabisulfite (4 oz)
    Potassium Sorbate (1.5 oz)
    Soda Ash (5 lbs) – for barrel cleaning
    Sodium Metabisulfite (4 oz)
    Sparkolloid Powder (1 oz)
    Tannin (1.5 oz)
    Tartaric Acid (3 oz)
    Yeast Nutrient Tablets (2 oz), 5 tablets
    Yeast, all purpose
    Wine Conditioner (500 mL)

  • Airlocks

    Small, Two Piece, Cup Style
    Large, Two Piece, Cup Style
    Three Piece
    S-Lock, Triple Ripple
    Hobby II Airlock

  • Books

    Complete Handbook of Winemaking
    Enjoy Home Winemaking
    Grapes Into Wine

  • Bottles

    750 mL, green, Bordeaux (box of 12)
    750 mL, green, Bordeaux (pack of 20)
    750 mL, cobalt blue, Stretch Hock (box of 12)
    750 mL, clear, Bordeaux (box of 12)
    750 mL, brown, Bordeaux (box of 12)
    1.5 Liter, green, Bordeaux (pack of 6)
    5 Liter, clear (pack of 6)
    1 Gallon, clear (pack of 4)
    Wine Rack (holds 28 bottles)
    Bottle Tree Drainer (holds 80 bottles)
    Wine Bottle Labels

  • Carboys

    3 Gallon, Glass Carboy
    5 Gallon, Glass Carboy
    6 Gallon, Glass Carboy
    Carboy Carrying Handle
    Carboy Brush, 29 in. bend

  • Corkers

    Italian Floor Corker (brass iris) (blue)
    Portuguese Floor Corker (nylon iris) (red)
    Hand Corker

  • Corks, Stoppers & Caps

    Straight plastic
    Champagne plastic
    Altec Corks
    #1 Corks
    #2 Corks
    Manual Tasting Corks (Altec)
    Screw Cap for 750mL bottles
    Twist Cap for 1 Gallon, black (plastic)
    Twist Cap for 1 Gallon, white (metal)
    #6 Rubber Stopper for 1 Gallon
    #14 Cork Stopper for 1 Gallon
    #11 Rubber Stopper for Demijohn/Barrel
    #28-30 Wood/Cork Stopper for Demijohn/Barrel
    #16-18 Stopper for Carboys
    Expansion Stopper (reseals bottles)

  • Demijohns

    54 Liter, plastic cover
    54 Liter, plastic cover with spigot
    54 Liter, weave
    54 Liter, weave with spigot
    34 Liter, plastic cover
    25 Liter, weave with spigot
    20 Liter, plastic cover
    15 Liter, plastic cover
    10 Liter, plastic, wide mouth
    10 Liter, plastic, narrow mouth
    5 Liter, plastic, wide mouth

  • Funnels

    14 cm with strainer
    20 cm with strainer
    22 cm with strainer
    24 cm with strainer
    26 cm with strainer
    30 cm with strainer
    35 cm with strainer
    Replacement Screen

  • Other Accessories

    Acid Test Kit
    Bottle Filler, Super Automatic, Buon Vino
    Doubleblast Bottle Washer
    Filter, Mini-Jet, Buon Vino*
    Filter, Super-Jet, Buon Vino*
    Hobby 6-Plate Filter
    Hydrometer, triple scale
    Natural Mother of Vinegar, red or white
    Pail Opening Tool
    PVC Caps
    Rotary Steel Brush (for bottles)
    Siphon Hose
    Sulfur Strips
    Tomato Press (electric)
    Transfer Pump, electric
    Wine Thief, plastic

  • Spigots

    Brass, 8
    Plastic Small
    Plastic Large
    Stainless Steel, 12 mm
    Stainless Steel, 16 mm
    Wood #2 Size
    Wood #3 Size
    Wood #4 Size
    Wood, Wooden Handle, 7 1/2
    Wood, Wooden Handle, 8 1/2
    Wood, Wooden Handle, 9 1/2
    Wood, With Key, 7 1/2
    Wood, With Key, 8 1/2
    Wood, With Key, 9 1/2

  • Locations

  • Northeast Produce Inc.
    Plainville, CT
    860 793-2700
    M-F 7am-4pm as of October 24, 2016
    Hours may vary.

    Hours may be subject to change.

  • Northeast Produce Inc.
    Hartford, CT
    860 527-5317
    M-F 7am-4pm as of October 24, 2016
    Hours may vary

    Hours may be subject to change.

  • New England Produce Center
    Chelsea, MA
    (617) 889-2700
    closed for the season
    closed for the season

    Season is over and we hope to see you again next September. Thank you all for another great year.